Thursday, November 29, 2012

Benja and his son Lucius at Romanum


Benja Aquila and his cute son Lucius looking great at Romanum, with their ancient clothes, and riding their black horses and smart Roman chariots.Benja Aquila, his partner Ryce and his son Lucius are members of gens Julia Family in Romanum roleplay. 

The gens Julia was one of the most ancient families at Ancient Rome. Members of that gens attained the highest state dignities. The gens is perhaps best known for Julius Caesar, the invictus general and dictator, and also for the emperor Augustus, first Roman emperor who ruled from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD.

Aquila's men are Eques or Equestrians, one of two Roman aristocratic classes besides Patricians, and they are descendants from the first knights of Roman cavalry in early Republic. The Equestrians were defined by a property threshold, but since earliest times the rank was passed from fathers to sons. The bulk of non-agricultural activities, like commerce, shipping and manufacturing industry were almost in the hands of Equestrians.

Salve citizens!

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