Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Ryce

 The brightest star in my sky 

The year 2012 had 365 days as any year but this year has not been like any year, in 2012 I have met Ryce Skytower (Eddi Haskell for most of you) and my life has changed. We started as close friends, then boyfriends, then partners and now we will marry sooner.

I could say about Ryce that he is an extraordinary guy, so sensitive and intelligent, so cute and nice, so honest and hard worker, and more good things that he deserves... but the most important is that he is my soulmate and with him I am complete.

We met in Romanum party and we felt very attracted each other

Then we became close friends and lovers

I thought the whole day with him, he really touched my heart

Finally we told everyone our love

And we have spent together some incredible Christmas

 Now he is very important in my life

And the next year we will marry!

Love You Babi !!!!


  1. Awwww so sweet! Congratulation to both of you for finding the great gift of love! ;)

  2. Thanks Bock! and Happy New Year! :-D

  3. Awe Benja this is so wonderful! I love you so much!
    (Eddi / Ryce)

  4. I need more than one post to say all the good things u are and all that I love u.... LOVES BABI!!!!