Friday, January 18, 2013

Having Fun at Club Arsenal!

Yesterday I was dancing at Club Arsenal, one of the oldest gay clubs in Second Life. It was a very fun party with the great mission music of DJ Sascha and the sexy movements of TonyDaSilver. Of course i was chatting with several guys there, specially with handsome and masculine Ardaric Larsson, the manager of this club. Do not worry hunks, every day there is a party at any club of Gay Zone States. Danke schön!

Schedule parties at Gay Zone States:

  • Monday: Club Arsenal, with DJ Reini, at 12pm SLT
  • Tuesday: Club Arsenal, with various DJ's, at 12pm SLT
  • Wednesday: Club Ra, with DJ Cyrus, at 12pm SLT
  • Thursday: Club Arsenal, with DJ Sascha, at 12pm SLT
  • Friday: Club Badehaus, with DJ Heloq, at 12pm SLT
  • Saturday: Club Ra, with DJ Terro, at 12pm SLT
  • Sunday: Club Arsenal, with DJ Tommy-D, at 12 pm SLT

You also can follow Club Arsenal News

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