Friday, February 22, 2013

Aqua Lounge's Six Year Anniversary

This friday night, The Aqua Lounge Club celebrates its 6th anniversary with two great parties. First one, from 6 pm to 8 pm, with DJ Sasch and "Sexiest in blue" as theme. Second one, from 8 pm to 10 pm, with DJ InsyX and "Old School Oink" as theme. Both contests with a prize increased to 3.000L$.

Of course The Aqua Lounge is one of the oldest LGBT clubs in Second Life but the coolest too. After 6 years and hundreds of parties, I have to pay tribute to all The Aqua Lounge Staff, and specially to his owner the unique Insyx Piranha. All of you do an amazing job!!! Thanks... and do not stop, please!!!

But The Aqua Lounge is not only a club, besides to have fun it is also a big complex to live and shop at The Aqua Lounge Resorsts Mall. Not forget that this club is next to Gay Fun World and Gay Zone Germany, and this is one of Gay Archipielago sites too. 

A perfect place to have a great time!!!

InsyX, Aqua Lounge's owner and DJ

Aqua Lounge's dance floor

Aqua Lounge's party

Ryce dancing at Aqua Lounge

Here is the taxi to The Aqua Lounge Club

Check the blog of The Aqua Lounge Club

Head on over to DJ InsyX blog

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