Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last Friday Night Was Totally Blue!

Last friday night, The Aqua Lounge Club celebrated its 6th anniversary. This club is one of the oldest and coolest LGBT clubs in Second Life. 

The magnificient club's staff, leaded by his owner InsyX Piranha, did a great job and they got that all attendees had really fun. The celebration's event was for more than four hours with two amazing parties. First one, with powerful tunes of DJ Sasch and everybody in blue outfits, and second one with amazing tunes of DJ InsyX and almost everyone naked as old school oink. 

Of course, I want to highlight the incredible work of handsome Jesse hosting both parties, a big kiss and applause for him!

My fiance Ryce and I love InsyX and his guys, and we wanted to be with them on that special date.

There are many blue's shades, but yesterday the blue of Aqua Lounge shone more than the rest. 

Congratulations on this remarkable anniversary and many happy returns !!!!!!