Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Aquila Satyr Fountain

You can get my last creation, the Aquila Satyr Fountain in Second Life Marketplace.

This is an elegant fountain with some nice details. A lion head as fountain, a golden statue of Satyr to decor and an ancient mosaic of god Neptune in the base.

Ancient satyrs were conflated in the popular and poetic imagination with Latin spirits of woodland and with the rustic Greek god Pan. Satyrs were described as goat-like from the haunches to the hooves, and were often pictured with larger horn. Above all, the Satyr with flute shows his deep connection with nature, the sound of the wind, the gurgling water or the birds singing. As Dionysiac creatures, they love wine and sex, and they are ready for every physical pleasure.

The fountain is served with some moving koi fishes which you can put inside at your taste.

The result is a lovely fountain that you can use to decorate your house, garden or any space you wish.

This fountain is available in Second Life Marketplace Web.

Enjoy it!

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