Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Third Month Partnered: My Marriage proposal to Ryce

I partnered with Ryce three months ago, after a quick courtship. The true is that I love him since first day we met. But my love for him grows every day we spent together, and I only can say I need him and I love him so much. For all that, today, in our 3rd month anniversary as partners, I propose marriage to him.

Ryce Skytower, 
you deserve the very best, 
someone who will back you up without limits, 
let you grow without borders, 
and love you without end. 
Will you let me be the one?
Will you marry with me?


  1. I love you so much Benja. And I accept. I would be honored to be your husband! You have made me happier these past three months than anyone I have ever met! And I want to spend my future with you!

    1. YAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm the happiest and luckiest man in SL! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOO!!!! :D