Sunday, February 17, 2013

Triple Party and Triple Fun in DeVon's

Yesterday there was a triple party in DeVon's Club, at Gay Fun World, because three powerful DJ's enlivened an extraordinary feast during three hours. With the amazing and electric tunes of DJ RikNayar, DJ Mikedacook and DJ Rocky we had a surpassing fun event.

Of course, sweet Ryce Skytower was working hard to host the party and made a difference as always (you are the best baby!).

Lots of friends attended the party and had a great time, dancing and shaking their bodies overnight. Thanks to Avacar, Rico, Brice, Bex, Marccm, Asharr, Mychal, Lobo, Tyler... and a long list of sexy guys for coming.

For more pictures, head on over to Eddi Haskell's blog


  1. Your photography keeps on getting better and better! Seriously good work!

  2. Awe, thanks Eddi! You are my inspiration... in all ways!