Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Second Life Resident of the Month March: Marccm

This month I want to post about a charming friend in Second Life. He is Marccm, a nice German guy who uses to pose as model for many photographers. 

But I want to highlight him for his work behind the camera, because he has a great talent for art photographs. 

I like any art, but I specially like the creative and innovative artists who make works not only to be admired but to reflect.

Very kindly, he has authorized me to reproduce some of his amazing shoots, but the best is you head over on his Gallery in Flickr to see the rest.

Thanks Marccm and go on!

Dune by Marccm

Valley of cubes by Marccm

Long way by Marccm

Other color? But we're all the same by Marccm

Augen zu und durch by Marccm

Jailed by Marccm

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  1. Marccm, and his partner Dodo, have been friends of mine (and Ryce's) for a few years now, and are really great guys, and some of the nicest people in Second Life. It is people like them that make our virtual world such a great place!

    One more thing- Marccm also has more downloaded photos in my blogs than any other resident in 2012. And I do photo alot of hot guys. His photos have been downloaded many hundreds of times last year.

    Good Choice!