Monday, March 25, 2013

Ryce & Benja Wedding: The Ceremony

Last Saturday afternoon, Ryce and I got married at gardens of The Rose Theater. It was a wonderful wedding in a very charming place. 

With Minister Shepherd as officiant, and Insyx, Avacar, Sora, Cambieul and Mike as witnesses, Ryce and I said finally 'Yes, I do' and we became husbands. One of the most exciting moments was the reading of the vows. I admit that Ryce touched me with his words and poem. I am a really lucky man.

More than fifty friends attended the event and shared with us this important moment in our lifes. We want to thank all who came and congratulated us.

We also want to thank Kaya Angel, the owner of The Rose Theater, who let us celebrate our wedding in his Sim.

I could take some photos, but if you want to read and see more photos please check Ryce's blog.

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  1. It was a beautiful ceremony. I was honored to be there and see my two friends so happy!