Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Final Friday's Party at Gay Riviera

The Gay Riviera closes on March 7th, and yesterday was the Final Friday's Party at Adonis Bathhouse, with tunes of DJ Yifu.

A lot of Baz Ceawlin's friends attended the event and they accompanied him in these last days before closing the Sim. Of course, Ryce and I wanted to be there and we both enjoyed again in one of the most charismatic gay clubs in Second Life.

We will miss it, but we know that clubs and Sims can open and close, even people come and go, but friendship with Baz will remain in time. Thanks for last two wonderful years and we wish you the best!!!

For more information about closure and last events in the Gay Riviera on this weekend, you can head over the Gay Riviera Web Site or the previous post of my blog.
Please check Ryce's blog to see more and amazing photographs from last friday party.