Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ryce and Benja, dedicated songs

Ryce and I have a lot of favourite singers and songs. We are music fans and we like listening to all kinds of  artists and styles.

Maybe he likes more classical music and great American voices as Sinatra, and probably I like more contemporary music. In any case, we both like romantic ballads and dance together very close whenever we can. 

Talking about this, each of us chose a song and dedicated it to the other

Ryce's election was: Can't help loving that man of mine, sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

My song to Ryce was: All I want is you, by the Irish band U2

What is your favourite song? Or what song is and to whom is it dedicated?

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  1. Ryce has asked me to tell you that he actually has a thing for anything written by Lady Gaga, but in general, the most romantic music to make love to has to be at least 20 years old. Oh- Frank Sinatra is actually a recent discovery for Ryce- he actually thought he was a bit of a mafia sleezebag until he heard his old recordings from the 50's one day. He does like this article though!