Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ryce & Benja Wedding: Videos

Our sweet friend and excellent filmmaker Jessicaanne Wrigglesworth filmed two awesome videos about our wedding. If you could not attend our nuptials or you would like watching how it looked, you have a new opportunity with these videos.

First video shows PreWedding Party, at March 22, at daPier Club. That event was organized by our loved friends Mikedacook and Robin White. It really was an amazing party.

The other video shows the wedding ceremony, at Angel Manor's gardens, and the following reception at main ballroom of the Rose Theater. The entire event was wonderful, and the Kaya Angel's Sim was the best place.

Thanks very much Jessica!!!

Eddi Haskell has also made videos about our wedding, both marvelous productions with his photos and very nice music.

Thanks Eddi and a big kiss!