Friday, April 19, 2013

The surreal Rust world in Second Life

Ryce and I have visited a new and surreal Sim in Second Life, the Rust world.

Cica Ghost, the owner of this Sim, says about it: "My Rust world is a mix of strange machines, chained trees, rusty mushrooms, birds, balloons, butterflies and spider, elephants and gear flowers that sway in the wind..."

Certainly, the Rust Worlds is a very surprising site and it demonstrates the infinite possibilities of Second Life to creat amazing virtual environments.

Besides, you can interact with some poses placed along the Sim.

I also recommend to visit this place using the region settings like I did for my photo report.

For more information and pictures please check Ryce's blog: Ryce and Benja at Rust.

Use this link to visit the Rust world and enjoy.

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