Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bock in Second Life: A Purity Ball for my Buddies

Please, check and read the following post from Bock's blog. 

It contains an interesting reflection about American purity balls, and a funny point of view over the "whiteness" outfits of some famous residents would dress in their coming-out balls.

In any case, it's worth reading.

Bock in Second Life: A purity ball for my buddies

I thought I knew everything there was to know about the American lifestyle - but apparently I did not - because when I was driving to work yesterday I heard about...

The "white" outfit of Ryce Skytower in his purity ball, by Bock's view


  1. LOL thanks Benja, I was afraid some of you guys would take offence - one never knows with Americans and Spaniards - but I am happy that no one seems to have done that as far as I know! ;)

  2. You should not offence if that is not your goal... have fun!

  3. hahahahahaha I just saw this. Ryce saw it to and told me that is what he looks like after spending one week with you Benja. Do you have any idea what he is talking about?

  4. Of course I do! but I thought we nedeed less time than a week :p