Monday, May 6, 2013

Chevere Party at Gay Fun World

Yesterday, Ryce and I attended a new party at Gay Fun World (GFW). In this case, it was a new episode of the popular Rico's Roundup Series, dedicated to the famous Mexican celebration's Cinco de Mayo Day.

With great tunes of the powerful DJ MissBigRed and hosted by wonderful Rico, all people had really chevere. They also attended the feast most wearing big Mexican hats and brief swimsuits. which was not only very funny but very hot too.

The best moment was when Avacar and Rico leaded a funny conga dance, a perfect moment to grab the followed guy, lol!

Thanks and congrats Avacar and Rico, GFW got it again!

For more information and pictures, please check Ryce Skytower's blog.


  1. What a great photo essay - so glad you could make it!

  2. A great photo cause it was a great party!!! Gracias amigo! ^^