Saturday, May 4, 2013

Man of Myth: A New Contest by the Gallus Tavern in Romanum

Pyewickets Myths and the Gallus Tavern in Romanum are running Man of Myth, a monthly contest starting in May.

The third Saturday of each month, a lucky winner will be revealed at the Man of Myth party, at Gallus Tavern in Romanum, and he will receive L$ 1000.

Contest's rules
  1. You must be wearing a Pyewicket’s Myth’s outfit (check it in the mainstore or in Romanum store)  You may tailor your look by adding accessories or using parts of the outfit for effect.
  2. You must send your photograph to Gallusboi Resident by the 1st of the Month.
  3. You must be a member of the Empire of Romanum group (click here to join this group).
  4. The size of the photographs have to be 1024x1024 pixels (min 512).
  5. You must submit a picture for each month in that you wish to enter the contest. You may resubmit the same picture for another month if it has not be chosen, and you can only win once per year.
  6. Nudity is allowed as long as the previous guideline is covered and you are happy that this picture will be displayed. The Photo must be at least from mid thigh and up and your face must be visible.
  7. Photos need to be submitted with full permissions and should be named: Man of Myth and your full name.
  8. By submitting the picture you agree that the picture can be used for advertising purposes if you win.
  9. Submissions not following these guidelines you will be advised so that you can correct and resubmit.

Good luck and have fun!

Out of Gallus Tavern in Romanum

Dance floor of Gallus Tavern in Romanum

Romanum Market

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