Friday, May 31, 2013

Second Life Resident of the Month May: Mikedacook & Robin Dinzeo

Mikedacook and Robin Dinzeo are a lovely couple and two of the best friends of Ryce and me in Second Life.

Currently, they are co-owners of daPier Club where Mike is DJ and Robin the host. A great club with awesome music and good friends!

You should attend and check out daPier Club, the best chill place to hang out! The wonderful beach setting sure will please your eyes while you dance the night away with cute guys and electric tunes. 

The main events in daPier Club are Manic Monday, every Monday from 5 to 7 pm SLT, and Casual Friday, every Friday from 5 to 7 pm SLT. Don't miss them!

Attention, this Friday May 31, a Great Party for DaPier's First Birthday! Two intense hours since 5 pm SLT to celebrate the first anniversary of the club with Dinzeo's men. Gifts and prizes will be given away throughout the event to the attendants.

For more information head over to daPier website.

Take this SLURL to visit daPier Club.

Congrats for the first anniversary! We love you guys!


  1. Thank you Benja for the lovely words and making us residents of the month, hugs Robin x

  2. Big kiss Robin, see you both at today's party!