Sunday, June 9, 2013

Eddi Haskell Gallery: Success Opening!

There was a successful opening of Eddi Haskell's exhibition "Viva L'Italia", yesterday evening, in his big gallery at Virtual Gay World.

I greeted Avacar and Rico, Mike and Robin, Bock and Guyke, Khar and Christo, Barbarian and TJ, Jessicaanne, Maeve, the handsome Asharr... a lot of guys attended the event and they could see the amazing photos of Eddi about Italia in Second Life.

With awesome tunes of DJ Mikedacook during two hours and faboulous fireworks at the end, it was a total party. Hey Eddi, you got it again!

Please, visit this exhibition when you can, the show will stay up for the next few weeks. 

Use the following link to visit the Eddi Haskell Gallery in Second Life and enjoy it!

You can see more photos of this opening in Eddi Haskell's blog and Bock's blog.


  1. It was a really great party, with wonderful photo art, excellent music and fabulous people. ;)

    Thanks for the plug to my blog, buddy! ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this Benja! And thank you too Bock for the great coverage!

  3. Thanks both for following me! Your blogs are amazing and I love them! Hugs!