Friday, June 28, 2013

Important Second Life's Update

Nyx Linden (stock)

A notecard containing a message from Nyx Linden started doing the rounds. The message in full is as follows:

Greetings all,

We currently are not aware of any major release-blocking bugs and are starting to look at scheduling the roll-out process. We have a number of QA passes and tests to run through before we can get the final greenlight to do so, so we are currently targeting July 9th as the earliest date at which we will enable SSA for a significant portion of the grid (a server RC channel). Please note that if we find additional bugs in the meantime, or run into other scheduling difficulties this date could be pushed back. We will not be going to RC before this date however.Wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of Server Side Appearance. First of all, thanks to all who helped participate in last week’s pile-on test, and a special thanks to those viewers who are already integrating the RegionHandshakeReply flag posted recently. We’ll likely be doing one more pile-on next week, targeting a smaller set of users (to avoid inventory limits that have caused attachments not to load, etc) next week. Let me know if you’d like to participate.

Please consider this an official warning that this is imminent – We’ve been saying for a while that we’re getting ready for release. We hope with a solid date in mind, all viewers can start messaging to their users that they will need to update or they will start to see issues. There are a few methods by which we will be messaging to the SL community as a whole about this, but we highly encourage you to use your judgement in the best way to reach out to your users and transition them to SSA-compatible viewers.

As always, if you have any questions, or see any issues that could be worrisome if they are not fixed before release, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and/or file a JIRA. Thanks for all your work in preparing for this release!

Nyx Linden

The plan from Linden Lab has been to deploy SSB/A gradually. Then, you should update your viewer as soon as possible.

To update the viewer, the choices already available are:
  • Those who prefer the v1-style have the choice of Cool VL Viewer and Singularity
  • Those who prefer the v3-style have the choise of the SL viewer, Catznip, Firestorm, Kokua, Niran’s, and RLV.
  • In addition, the Lumiya, Meltabolt and Radegast clients are also SSB/A ready.
Dolphin and Exodus are exceptions at the time of writing.

The preliminary date for the start of SSB/A deployment has been set at the 9th July 2013. 

To avoid grey avatars and clouds, update your viewer

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