Saturday, June 29, 2013

Second Life Resident of the Month June: Doc Spad

Doc Spad born in San Francisco, moved to Nebraska at age 15, but he has traveled extensively around the world.  

He currently lives in Washington D.C., and he has studied International Studies at Georgetown University and has a PhD in Middle Eastern studies.

Doc is a  U.S. Marine Corp veteran, and he has been three tours in Iraq, one short one to Afghanistan and spent a year in Singapore with short trips back to the Middle East.

In Second Life, Doc Spad has been involved with the Second Life LGBT Scene since 2007. Doc is known for his energy, team building and friendly manner.

He is currently in his second year as Presiding Chair of Second Pride, and just finished chairing another successful Pride Event in Second Life in June. 

Proud to have him as friend.

Doc dancing in the recent Second Pride

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  1. Benja,

    Thanks for he kind words. Serving as Pride's Chairperson has been a pleasure and an honor..lets just all remember that it is YOUR Pride... keep informed and help it grow and fulfill it's mission.