Saturday, July 20, 2013

Colton Ford: All My Love

Some days ago, I published one post about Jeppe Hansen, a young classical dancer who appeared in gay porn movies. Today I post about Colton Ford, a former gay adult film star who currently sings.

In fact, the Ford's music career started in 2003 with the single Everything. But his debut album was Tug of War in 2008. After that, the second album was Under the Covers in 2009, and he sang Let Me Live Again (remixes) in 2012.

The third full-length album, released in June 2013, is The Way I Am, and it has ten songs. The first single and music video is All My Love, directed by Aaron Cobbett, which you can watch in this post.

Below, an excerpt from EQ Music's review about last Ford's album:

One of the album’s brightest moments just happens to be the title track, “Just the Way I Am”, with Ford’s deep vocals becoming the main highlight. “You say you don’t mind, you say it’s alright, you say you’re gonna love me till the end” he sings during the hook on top of fun, jazz-sounding production. The song does a great job at including a catchy beat without overshadowing the artist.

You can read all review here.

This album is available on iTunes.


  1. By Sterling Johnson:

    He's phine♡♡

  2. I saw one video with him and it was a touch camp, he was laying in a bed on a cloud in satin sheets and singing a bit falsetto. Now put this hunky dude in a cowboy outfit and have him do some country rock and that would be hot!