Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Petition urges IOC to pressure Russia to end gay crackdown

All Out, a gay advocacy group, wants to present to the headquarters of International Olympic Committee (IOC), in Switzerland, a petition with more than 300,000 signatures that urges it to pressure Russian officials to protect the rights of LGBT people.

The petition is for supporting the citizens across Russia who are calling on their government to stop the crackdown against LGBT people that is fuelling anti-gay violence. And it also urges leaders around the world and within Russia to work to eliminate all anti-gay laws and protect all citizens from violence and discrimination in Russia.

Almost 325,000 people are supporting this campaign, which wants to reach 350,000 signatures. Add your name and help to get that goal.

Global coverage of the Winter Olympics has just launched, thrusting Russia into the spotlight. That means there is a major chance right now to push world leaders to speak out against the anti-gay crackdown.

You can sign the petition here.

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