Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thanks Everyone for Coming!

Awesome Red & Yellow party at daPier Club yesterday, to celebrate my 4th rez day in Second Life.

Thanks to my husband Ryce and our best friends Mike and Robin to organize that wonderful celebration.

The party was crowded, and a lot of friends had fun at the event. 

Thanks for coming to Cambieul, Esme, Joa, Marccm, Dodo, Nando, Mistico, Greg, Brahman, Brent, Cristiano, Devlin, Jaspar, Eon, Jake, Kev, Kramer, Larz, Rik, Asy and my lovely Sutry, the winner of the contest. 

Thanks to everyone who attended the party and for your congratulations!

And, of course, thanks to everyone who shared with me these 4 years in Second Life! Especially, thanks to an incredible guy from Florida!

See you all in the virtual world!


  1. Happy rezday, dear Benja! So sorry but I got hit by Friday coma and couldn't come, but it seems like you and your sexy friends had a wonderful part!