Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Silent Protest or Simply Bad Taste in Clothing?

Germany's new outfits, for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, have been interpreted by many as a protest against Russian anti-gay laws. But the German Olympic Sports Confederation quickly denied that interpretation and declared the uniforms are not a protest.

Ones think they really use rainbow colors in their uniforms, as a silent but explicit protest against Russia law banning gay propaganda, but others think (me included) they are simply ugly colorful uniforms. 

In any case, welcome to controversy, more ideas?


  1. By Tudor Kovacs:

    they are not the prettiest uniforms one could imagine, but they do raise an eyebrow:) 

  2. By Sascha Grebe:

    I like the colors but I hate the style...

  3. By sara stanley;

    everyone should just boycott.

  4. By Kay Holland:

    They certainly won't go unnoticed.

  5. Germans are not stupid. It's a protest. And I'm proud of them for this.

  6. By Antônio Raymundo Ávila Diniz:

    Bem que podia ser néh!? Esses russos estão passando dos limites. Oh povo cretino e preconceituoso!