Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eddi Haskell's Blog is Five Years Old Today!

Eddi Haskell's Second Life Blog is five years old today.

Eddi is a Second Life resident, and his blog has published over 6,200 posts, and has had over 1.4 million unique page views since its inception back in November, 2008.  

Now average over 50,000 unique page views per month and have consistently been ranked by Technorati as one of the 10 most influential Second Life blogs.

He is simply the best!! Congrats buddy!!


  1. Thank you Benja! But we are married (as my inworld Second Life persona Ryce Skytower) and we are gonna have a talk about "buddy" tomorrow since I am your husband and lover. LOL. Love you Benja :)

  2. No worries baby, I will share with u my arguments at 4pm as usual ;p