Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hunk of the Month July: Matthew Camp

Matthew Camp (1984, California) is a handsome former go-go dancer with a promising acting career as film actor, but he’s also a clothing and tattoo designer and the owner of his own fragrance: "8.5".

However he is well known for being a model and "underwear expert".

About his dancer career he confessed: "I danced forever. I started at the club 20 VIP, which is a strip club with lap dances and everything. I learned so much at that job. When I go-go danced, I actually danced. I miss performing. I don't necessarily miss being in my underwear all the time, but I miss being on a stage". 

Asked on being gay, he answered: "Fuck it! Just be yourself. Who cares if you're gay or straight? You don't need someone else's approval to do what you want. Do what makes you happy and healthy. It's about self-improvement".

A talented guy who lives and works by his own rules.

Visit his websites and Matthewgogo


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