Saturday, October 11, 2014

Teen Wolf Homoerotic Moments

Teen Wolf fans have, without a doubt, the gayest werewolf bonanza since the series began in 2011.
Gay creator and writer Jeff Davis has ensured that the show be as homoerotic as possible, but up until this season, we’ve only gotten snippets of any real homo activity.
Last season, the sole gay character, Danny, has had pretty minimal screen time compared to the straight characters, but to Davis’ credit, it included a trip to a gay club.
Now, they’re getting to the good gay stuff, on top of the ever-present gay male/straight female gaze, but the homoerotic scenes are numerous.
Enjoy the vídeo!

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  1. I think that Colton Haynes -- the star of Teen Wolf in its first two seasons -- has to be the most gorgeous young male ever filmed. His skin is absolute porcelain. I ran photographs of Colton in my blog three years ago when he was 22 -- you can catch them here.