Sunday, November 12, 2017

Starbucks' new campaign features same-sex couple

Starbucks features a same-sex couple holding hands in a promo film for its new ‘Give Good’ holidays campaign.

Every year the coffee giant unveils its seasonal cups. The animated clip begins with the simple, surely unequivocal message: ‘The holidays means something different to everyone’.

It then features people connecting, via online chat, exchanging presents, decorating a tree, or just sharing a cup of coffee. The latter point is demonstrated by a female couple. They cup hands and look directly into each others eyes.

It ends by stating: ‘This season, the cup is just the beginning. How you make it special is up to you’.

Although the female couple in the advert are suggestive of same-sex love rather than explicit, the coffee chain has a history of supporting LGBT rights.

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