Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The 'Perfect' Shirtless Violinist

Matthew Olshefski, the shirtless violinist, began playing the violin when he was 3, and it become as an integral part of himself. He currently is a great and very atractive musician.

His boyfriend, Paul, suggested him to play without shirt and now he shares his talent with the violin in a beautiful and creative way. And, bless it, we enjoy it!

He is also a digital media star, with dozen of thousands followers in FacebookInstagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

Know how you can be a patron of his musical creations here.

Matthew reimagined Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect" as a gay love story, and wonderfully covered the song with his violin. Enjoy the video below:


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  2. By Gary karim Yousfi: C’est très beau et jolies

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