Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Shirtless Violinist shares his coming out story

Matthew Olshefski, the Shirtless Violinist, began playing the violin when he was 3, and it become as an integral part of himself. He currently is a great and very atractive musician.

Although many of you know him only as the Shirtless Violinist, he wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about himself. 

In the following video you can watch his coming out story, He explained he is telling it with the hope that it can inspire others who are going, or have gone, through similar trials.

You can watch more and get his albums here:

Or here: 

All his videos are crowd-funded, and you also can get your name in the credits as a co-producer here:

Matthew is a big digital media star too, and you can follow him on:

He is amazing!!!

Matthew with his partner Paul Castle


  1. For another hot violinist, who is married to a nice lady but appreciates his gay fans, check out Charlie Siem. He is British and Norwegian. I will give you some videos. He is not generally shirtless when he performs though.
    He is in nice pink shorts in Cuba:
    Here he is a bit older in a black tshirt look
    Here he is as a twink playing at Royal Albert Hall at the Proms in 2010 at 23 in a white t-shirt. He was dazzling.

  2. The Shirtless Violinist liked and retweeted this post, thanks so much hunk!!!