Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Russian PM wants to ban Tom of Finland's stamps

St Petersburg PM Vitaly Milonov, the co-author of his city’s ban on so-called ‘gay propaganda', one of the first such regional laws in Russia, wants Russia’s postal service to return-to-sender any mail bearing the stamps for breaching national laws banning positive depictions of LGBTI people in the public sphere.
Milonov wants all mail bearing erotic Tom of Finland stamps to be returned to sender and for Finns to not use the stamps when mailing Russia.The stamps were released by Finland’s national postal service in September to commemorate Finnish erotic artist Touko Laaksonen, AKA Tom of Finland.

I think I'm going to send to him a card with one of the following Finnish stamps.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet the Rhodes Bros

The Rhodes brothers are fraternal twins from Ohio names Austin and Aaron, and they are on FacebookInstagram, YouTube, and Twitter
The Rhodes Bros' YouTube channel started following the twins' adventures as they explore LA, a city they moved to. These guys committed to producing and posting a video every Sunday with some fun and interesting stuff.
But you can discover more about these pretty guys through their videos, posts, pictures and more.
All their posts are really cool, I enjoy their channel and I hope you enjoy too.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

A New Marriage Proposal at Denver Airport

Sean and David were just two boyfriends making their way through Denver Airport, on their way to a Disney vacation in Orlando. That was until Sean proposed to David, following a flash mob performance in the middle of the terminal.

The power of Love!