Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hunk of Month April: Pietro Boselli


Pietro Boselli (Negrar, Italy, 1988), is a former maths lecturer at University College London, and he has been branded the 'world's hottest maths teacher' after students discovered he is also a fashion model who is 'addicted to training'.

Boselli, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, was crowned the European Fitness Model Champion in 2014.

According to his LinkedIn, he worked as a teaching assistant and then lecturer at UCL until June 2014 and is now represented by Models 1.

I've never had a teacher like him!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poll: Should the U.S. Supreme Court legalize gay marriage in all 50 states?

The U.S. Supreme Court was hearing arguments yesterday stemming from cases in four states: Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.
At issue are two main questions: Whether states should be allowed to ban same-sex marriage, and whether states should be forced to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
Gay marriage became legal in New Jersey in October 2013, and is permitted in 36 other states and the District of Columbia.
A ruling is expected in June, and many observers believe there's a good chance the Supreme Court will say marriage is a constitutional right for gay couples, making it legal in all 50 states.
Do you think same-sex couples should be allowed to wed everywhere? Vote in the informal, unscientific poll below.

Same-sex marriage in the U.S.

  legal     not prohibited     ban overturned     banned

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The time is now SCOTUS

The Supreme Court is set to hear historic arguments in cases that could make same-sex marriage the law of the land.
The justices are meeting today to offer the first public indication of where they stand in the dispute over whether states can continue defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman, or whether the Constitution gives gay and lesbian couples the right to marry.
The court is hearing extended arguments, scheduled to last 2 1/2 hours, which also will explore whether states that do not permit same-sex marriage must nonetheless recognize such unions from elsewhere.
The Scotus hearing has ended. There was no trial, it was oral arguments. Both sides argued why SCOTUS should rule either way. And the justices questioned both sides.
Kennedy took both sides, and Roberts said nothing. These are the two deciding votes for the two questions.
The justices will get together in the next two weeks and vote. They will then have six weeks to write their opinions.
There are two decisions being reached:
1) Do people in the USA have the right to a same-sex marriage?
2) Must every state recognize the marriage of another state?  If Texas says no to gay marriage, must they be forced to recognize a marriage in California?
If the court says yes to 1 then question 2 is irrelevant.
If the court says no to 1 and yes to 2, then someone in Texas can fly to New York, get married, and then Texas would be forced to recognize the marriage in New York.
You can hear the arguments below,  the release audio tapes once it is done.

The time is now SCOTUS!

The nine justices of Suprem Court have to decide
if same-sex marriage can be legal in all the U.S.

Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Tokio Rainbow Pride claim for same-sex marriage

Over 3,000 people marched yesterday through the LGBT-friendly Shibuya district of Tokyo. The 2015 Tokyo Rainbow Pride amid calls for Japan to legalize gay marriage.
The crowd, many waving rainbow flags and dressed as geishas, paraded through the capital's entertainment and shopping district Shibuya.
Amid a surge in public interest in LGBT issues caused by the Shibuya's move, the festival was extended by two days.
Fumino Sugiyama, one of the event’s chief organizers, said: "The mood is definitely different this year. All the flyers or other goods we have prepared for visitors are disappearing like mad".
Remember that Shibuya ward in Tokyo became the first locale in Japan to recognize gay couples, a major step forward for LGBT rights in the conservative country.
It's time Japan!



Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hollyouaks star Kieron Richardson has married his longterm boyfriend

Hollyouaks star Kieron Richardson, who plays Ste Hay in the soap, married Carl Hyland in a lavish ceremony at the Buxton Dome in the Peak District.

The couple were joined by Hollyoaks stars including Jennifer Metcalfe, Gemma Merna and Jasmine Franks, who acted as bridesmaids.

The wedding was a lavish affair; Richardson got his bridesmaids to wear stunning white wedding gowns, and got the band The Drifters to perform at their reception.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pope Francis rejects French ambassador because he is gay

Pope Francis has met with Laurent Stefanini, France’s proposed ambassador to the Vatican, to personally reject him and tell him his appointment will be blocked because he is gay.

Despite his aparently gay-friendly image, the Pope is yet to lift any of the actively homophobic and transphobic policies of his predecessors.

The French government has refused to back down after selecting openly gay diplomat Laurent Stefanini to head to the home of the Catholic Church.

A spokesperson for the French government said: "Nothing has changed: France has proposed a candidate and for the time being we are waiting for the Vatican’s reply after the usual discussions and review of his candidacy".

Something has really changed in the Vatican or not?

Mr. Stefanini, the approved French ambassador to Vatican

Friday, April 24, 2015

A trans man could be on the cover of Men's Health Magazine

Men's Health magazine might put an openly transgender man on the cover for the very first time.

The health-focused magazine is holding its annual Ultimate Guy contest where fans vote on the individual that they think possesses all of the qualities that make up today's well rounded, active, health conscious and thoughtful guy.

While the winner for the November issue is ultimately determined by the judges, transgender model Aydian Dowling is currently in the lead with more than four times the amount of votes as the second place-holder.

Dowling said: "Being the first Trans Men's Health cover model would mean so much to not only me but the entire transgender community. Personally, it would affirm that my initial intentions for myself five years ago, when I decided to transition, are really coming to life. I wanted to become my version of what I feel is a good man". 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saint George's Day in Barcelona

Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia, like in several Christian nations and countries. This Catalan feast has similarities to Valentine's Day because the main event is the exchange of gifts between sweethearts, loved and relatives.

The Catalan tradition is to celebrate this day with roses and books. For that reason, in Barcelona and all cities and villages of Catalonia, people give away roses and books to each other.

Roses have been associated with this day since medieval times, but the books are more recent and commemorate the nearly simultaneous death of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare on April 23.

A big festive day to show our love to people we love.

A nice tradition, isn't it?

 The traditional red roses

Barcelona´s Rambla is very crowded

 The stalls of books on the streets

There are also rainbow roses

Russian teacher fired for lesbian will not be reinstated

A court in St. Petersburg, Russia, has refused to reinstate a lesbian music teacher who lost her job after an antigay activist outed her.

The teacher, called Alevtina, was one of several targeted by Timur Isayev, an activist with an antigay organization called Parents of Russia, but she took the rare step of challenging her firing in court. 

The director of her school asked her to resign last fall, but she refused and then was fired for what the school described as "immoral behavior incompatible with pedagogical activities".

At least six teachers who were either gay or gay-supportive have had their jobs threatened by Isayev in the past year. Three resigned, and Alevtina was the only one to take legal action.

Sadly, the court this week turned down Alevtina’s reinstatement request. Now, she plans to appeal.

The situation of LGBT people in Russia is getting worst

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

IDAHOT Events 2015

The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) is a day to mourn and remember those we have lost to transphobic violence, but also a day to honour and thank all those who have come before and help create a better world free of transphobia.

Launched in 2004, IDAHOT takes place each May 17th, and that day becomes a global occasion to educate and to advocate for sensible public policies regarding LGBT people.

The Queensland capital’s iconic Story Bridge was lit in the colours of the pride flag to commemorate IDAHOT, marking the first time the bridge’s colourful LED lights were used for an LGBT event.

Here for more information about IDAHOT events 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kentucky judge rules gays have right to marry

A Kentucky judge found the state's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.

Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate wrote in his decision: "This Court believes that marriage, regardless of whether the union is between members of the same sex or opposite sex, is a fundamental right".

"Kentucky's efforts to deny lawfully married same-sex couples the benefits of that marriage, and to deny other same-sex couples the right to marry at all, does not survive substantive due process scrutiny", Wingate continued.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has refused to appeal this decision on recognition of same sex marriages.

But the ruling is on hold, pending future judgments from the US Supreme Court. At the end of the month, the nine-justices will hear gay marriage ban cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee.

It´s time SCOTUS!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Scott Eastwood supports gay marriage

In a recent interview Scott Eastwood, the son of legendary Hollywood star Clint Eastwood, was asked whether he was aware he had a gay fan base and how he felt about that.

Scott said: "You’re bringing it to my attention! I love it. I don’t discriminate against any fans. Fans are fans, and gay men are great".

He also agreed with his father’s pro-same-sex marriage stance: "I support gay marriage and the whole bit. I think everybody should be able to be with who they want to be with. My dad is the same way".

Asked if he’d consider a gay role, he answered: "To me, it’s all about the script and the director. I’m very director-driven and material-oriented, so if it’s a great script and a great director, then yeah".

Awesome words by awesome guy

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Next May 22nd, Bring your family with you

Bring your family with you, urges new video ahead of Irish same-sex marriage referendum.
This is the message of latest video created ahead of Ireland’s marriage referendum on May 22nd, urging young people to drop everything to cast their 'yes' vote, and bring their families along with them as they do it.
It’s time to vote for same-sex marriage.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Chile has same-sex civil unions law since today

The President of Chile has given her approval to a bill that will introduce civil unions for same-sex couples.

The bill was approved by 86 legislators in the Chamber of Deputies, with only 23 voting against it, and two abstentions.

Then it  passed to President  Michelle Bachelet who signed it into law today.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, President Bachelet said: "The civil union law is a vindication in the struggle for sexual diversity rights".

A fist step to get a full marriage equality in Chile.

LGBT activists with some legislators who helped pass the bill

What family means to you?

Five willing volunteers: Ricardo, Jan, Connor, Yvonne and Danielle, were asked to explain what "family" means to them, revealing the beautifully individual ways their parents have shaped their lives, and what this means for their future relationships.

After sharing their dreams for their weddings and children, it came as a shock to many viewers that all five video stars are gay.

It's an awesome video, and you can watch it below.