Friday, October 31, 2014

Hunk of the Month October: Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood (born Scott Clinton Reeves, California, 1986) is an American actor and model. He is the son of actor-director Clint Eastwood.
His acting career includes some films credited as Scott Reeves, including a briefly appeared in his father's 2008 film Gran Torino.
As Scott Eastwood, he appeared in his father's 2009 film Invictus too. In April 2010, he played the lead role in the thriller Enter Nowhere.
He had a supporting role in David Ayer's 2014 film Fury with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, and Logan Lerman.

In April 2014 it was reported that he was cast in the lead of the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' best-selling novel The Longest Ride and that the film will premiere in early summer 2015.

He also appeared in TV series Chicago Fire as Officer Jim Barnes, in 2013 i 2014.
Scott really bears a strong resemblance with his father when he was young, and both are very good looking.



Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Chinese banned gay ad posted on social media

The CEO of Dangdang, a Chinese e-commerce company, has posted a banned gay advert on social media that has since gone viral. The poster was for the 'Dare to Do, Dare to Be' campaign, which celebrates the company's fifteenth anniversary.

The poster shows two men walking hand in hand above the words: ‘I fear prejudice but I dare to love. The poster did not pass censors but Li Guoqing uploaded the advert to his Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter.

Anyway, Dangdang is the first mainland company to support LGBTI people in China and the first firm to openly say LGBTI people should be treated fairly.


Same love everywhere

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amnesty International calls EU to Prevent and Prosecute Hate Crime in Europe

Amnesty International is calling on the European Commission to propose new standards to combat discriminatory violence on all grounds, including sexual orientation and gender identity, and on member states to support such an initiative.

Nicolas Beger, director of Amnesty International’s European Institutions Office, said: “The daily and ongoing violence experienced by LGBTI people in Europe is a serious and heinous form of discrimination”.

He continued: “However, there is a severe lack of adequate standards to tackle homophobic and transphobic violence both at EU and national levels. There is an urgent need for concrete EU action to duly protect the victims and prosecute the perpetrators accordingly”.
Mr Beger added: “The EU must step up and strengthen its standards on hate crime. This is key to ensuring that any discriminatory motive is duly taken into account across the whole of the EU”.

No steps back!

Stop hate crime

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fantasy Fest in Key West

Fantasy Fest started in 1979 by a small group of Florida Key West locals.

The party was created to bring visitors to the island in what was a typically quiet, but beautiful season. It worked. Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around.

Fun-loving revelers from around the globe leave their children and inhibitions behind as they descend upon Key West each year in October for 10 days filled with costuming, parades, libations, and excitement!

Each year, Fantasy Fest adopts a theme to help inspire fun costuming and amazing parade floats. The current theme is Animeted Dreams & Adventures. 

Also this year, two fighters for the Florida Keys' same-sex marriage equality led Saturday night's lavish Fantasy Fest Parade. Grand marshals Aaron Huntsman and William Lee Jones won a landmark court ruling overturning Florida's statewide same-sex marriage ban for Florida Keys residents.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gay marriage proposal in the Lady Gaga concert

Lady Gaga continued her trend of support by hosting a gay marriage proposal on-stage during her concert in Manchester.
After getting her heel un-stuck from her latex outfit, she called her friend Jay up on stage and telling Jay's boyfriend Shaun that he might have a question for him.
And then the crowd went berserk. All of them could see the marriage proposal between both guys and enjoyed with that romantic moment.
In any case, Lady Gaga has showed herself as a big supporter of the LGBT community one more time.

Jay and Sean celebrate their engagement
backstage at the Lady Gaga concert


Friday, October 24, 2014

Kiss me, Kill me... Needs You!

"Kiss Me, Kill Me" is an amazing film project which could be a reality if they can raise a bit more money with Kickstarter.
Directed and produced by Casper Andreas (Going Down in LA-LA Land) and written and produced by David Michael Barrett (Such Good People), it is an Alfred Hitchcock/Agatha Christie-style film set in a little town called West Hollywood.
The movie starts with Dusty confronting his unfaithful boyfriend. When he comes to, his boyfriend was murdered and he's the prime suspect.
With an extraordinary cast: Gale Harold (Queer As Folk); Matthew Ludwinski (Going Down in LA-LA Land); Van Hansis (As the World Turns); Craig Robert Young (NCSI); Brianna Brown (Homeland, Devious Maids, True Blood and Graceland); Allison Lane (Going Down in LA-LA Land)...
With your support, there is no challenge too great or risk to large, and KISS ME, KILL ME will then be coming soon to a theater near you!

This project will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged
by Thu, Nov 6 2014 5:00 AM CEST.

I am a backer of this film project

Thursday, October 23, 2014

#Pants2HIV Campaign in UK

GMFA, the UK's leading charity dedicated to gay men's health, needs your help to continue to reach more gay men with vital sexual Health advice. If you are in UK, you can take part in #Pants2HIV campaign:
1. Wear a pair of pants. You can pose in just the pants, wear them over your trousers, on your head, on your pet’s head – you can do it any way you like. You don't actually have to strip down to your pants - unless you want to.

2. Write on a piece of paper:
Text ‘GMFA14 £5’ to 7007
(You can change the donation: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10)
3. Take a selfie holding the piece of paper or get someone else to take the picture for you.
4. Choose two people to do it next. Or challenge all of your followers.
5. Write the following in your social media post:
I’m saying #Pants2HIV by donating £(amount) to @GMFA_UK. Your turn @____ and @_____.
(Tag who you’re getting to do it next)
6. Post the picture to social media – Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
7. Donate.
It’s that simple: pose, post, donate and pass it on.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Russian PM wants to ban Tom of Finland's stamps

St Petersburg PM Vitaly Milonov, the co-author of his city’s ban on so-called ‘gay propaganda', one of the first such regional laws in Russia, wants Russia’s postal service to return-to-sender any mail bearing the stamps for breaching national laws banning positive depictions of LGBTI people in the public sphere.
Milonov wants all mail bearing erotic Tom of Finland stamps to be returned to sender and for Finns to not use the stamps when mailing Russia.The stamps were released by Finland’s national postal service in September to commemorate Finnish erotic artist Touko Laaksonen, AKA Tom of Finland.

I think I'm going to send to him a card with one of the following Finnish stamps.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet the Rhodes Bros

The Rhodes brothers are fraternal twins from Ohio names Austin and Aaron, and they are on FacebookInstagram, YouTube, and Twitter
The Rhodes Bros' YouTube channel started following the twins' adventures as they explore LA, a city they moved to. These guys committed to producing and posting a video every Sunday with some fun and interesting stuff.
But you can discover more about these pretty guys through their videos, posts, pictures and more.
All their posts are really cool, I enjoy their channel and I hope you enjoy too.