Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hunk of the Month March: Adrien Kute

Born in 1988 in Bouches du Rhône (France), he currently resides in Australia.  

Adrien Kute is a stunning french model who has popped up in several publications like AXN, DNA, Sensitif, Pulse Denver Magazine... And he has worked with Armani and Baskit.

As you can see, he has an amazing body and a charming smile, and he looks so gorgeous with swimwear and underwear.

Many of us thought that the Tour Eiffel was the main French monument, but after seeing the Adrien's photos (most by Simon Le) probably we will change our opinion.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A decisive moment for equality in U.S.

The U.S. Supreme Court has to consider two cases about the freedom to marry. These two cases, which concern the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, are fundamentally about whether gay and lesbian Americans can enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as everyone else.

This week the Supreme Court has heard oral arguments in both cases, and is expected to announce its runnings at June 2013. It is a very important moment in the LGBT movement, and of course I hope its decisions will be in favor of equality.

You can follow this subject in United for Marriage

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Second Life Resident of the Month March: Marccm

This month I want to post about a charming friend in Second Life. He is Marccm, a nice German guy who uses to pose as model for many photographers. 

But I want to highlight him for his work behind the camera, because he has a great talent for art photographs. 

I like any art, but I specially like the creative and innovative artists who make works not only to be admired but to reflect.

Very kindly, he has authorized me to reproduce some of his amazing shoots, but the best is you head over on his Gallery in Flickr to see the rest.

Thanks Marccm and go on!

Dune by Marccm

Valley of cubes by Marccm

Long way by Marccm

Other color? But we're all the same by Marccm

Augen zu und durch by Marccm

Jailed by Marccm

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ryce & Benja Wedding: The Party

After wedding ceremony, we all moved to the awesome Ballroom of The Rose Theater for the party.

Ryce and I opened the dance. We danced 'Cheeck to Cheeck' like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the film 'Top Hat'. Luckily, Ryce is a very good dancer.

A nice moment was when we cut the cake and all our friends toasted with champagne to our happiness. Of course, everybody had fun and danced for hours.

Thanks again to all who came and shared this special moment with us, and thanks for your congratulations. We also want to thank to Kaya Angel, the owner of The Rose Theater, for allowing us celebrate our wedding in his Sim.

I could take some photos, but if you want to read and see more photos please check Ryce's blog.

Monday, March 25, 2013

On March 26 & 27... Wear Red!

For more information 
check the site

Ryce & Benja Wedding: The Ceremony

Last Saturday afternoon, Ryce and I got married at gardens of The Rose Theater. It was a wonderful wedding in a very charming place. 

With Minister Shepherd as officiant, and Insyx, Avacar, Sora, Cambieul and Mike as witnesses, Ryce and I said finally 'Yes, I do' and we became husbands. One of the most exciting moments was the reading of the vows. I admit that Ryce touched me with his words and poem. I am a really lucky man.

More than fifty friends attended the event and shared with us this important moment in our lifes. We want to thank all who came and congratulated us.

We also want to thank Kaya Angel, the owner of The Rose Theater, who let us celebrate our wedding in his Sim.

I could take some photos, but if you want to read and see more photos please check Ryce's blog.