Friday, November 30, 2012

Same-sex marriage in USA

Same-sex marriage is recognized in several states of USA. 

On November 2012, nine USA states have legalized the same-sex marriage. They are: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maryland (2013), Iowa and Washington. Also in the District of Columbia is legal.

On the same date, other ten USA states have legalized the same-sex civil unions or they grant them some rights. They are: Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Nevada, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Wisconsin and Colorado.

In the rest of USA, the same-sex marriage or same-sex civil unions are illegal, and in some cases even prohibited by their constitutions.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Benja and his son Lucius at Romanum


Benja Aquila and his cute son Lucius looking great at Romanum, with their ancient clothes, and riding their black horses and smart Roman chariots.Benja Aquila, his partner Ryce and his son Lucius are members of gens Julia Family in Romanum roleplay. 

The gens Julia was one of the most ancient families at Ancient Rome. Members of that gens attained the highest state dignities. The gens is perhaps best known for Julius Caesar, the invictus general and dictator, and also for the emperor Augustus, first Roman emperor who ruled from 27 BC until his death in 14 AD.

Aquila's men are Eques or Equestrians, one of two Roman aristocratic classes besides Patricians, and they are descendants from the first knights of Roman cavalry in early Republic. The Equestrians were defined by a property threshold, but since earliest times the rank was passed from fathers to sons. The bulk of non-agricultural activities, like commerce, shipping and manufacturing industry were almost in the hands of Equestrians.

Salve citizens!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eddi Haskell's blog is Four Years Old Today!!!!

Happy Birthday Eddi!!!!

Congratulations for your 4th aniversary as blogger, and for your incredible blog's statistics.

I wish you much success in the coming years!!!!

President Obama's congratulations

Ryce and Benja has received many congratulations for their engagement. One very special from President Obama this morning's White House Press conference. Thank you Mr. President!

Ryce and Benja will marry!

Official announcement: Ryce and Benja became engaged to be married last night. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do not lower your guard when it comes to HIV

Latest news alert that young people take fewer precautions against AIDS. According to this information, the number of cases among people younger than 24 years has increased dramatically in recent times. To this bad data should be added that over 60% of young people infected are unaware that they are infected, ignorance that increase the risk of spreading it.

Therefore is necessary to inform young people about the risks of AIDS infection and what are the methods to prevent it. In addition, is very necessary to inform them how convenient is to test for HIV because the self-knowledge that one is infected allows to start palliative treatments as soon as possible, and that specially helps to prevent the rapid spread of the disease too.

For more information on this topic, look at following links:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Movie Series: Ryce in Rebel Without a Cause

Directed in 1955 by Nicholas Ray, Rebel Without a Cause is the dramatic story of Jim Stark, a lonely and conflicted teenager who searches himself apart from his family and find new friends and experiences. In fact, it is the story of all young people seeking their own way and their own personality at the time of passing into adulthood.

With an exceptional two main characters: James Dean and Natalie Wood, this movie is one of the iconic films in the history of cinema.

James Dean

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Second Life Resident of the Year 2012: Eddi Haskell

Eddi Haskell is a famous blogger and magnificent photographer in Second Life, and active in the LGBT scene too. 

His blog also covers Eddi's real life interests including arts, politics, entertainment, and other virtual worlds.

You should visit Eddi Haskell's blog