Monday, January 22, 2024

Spanish World Cup winner speaks about being lesbian in women's football

Spanish football star Jenni Hermoso has recently spoken about coming out, and about how welcoming the women’s game is for LGBTQ players. 

The World Cup winner said: “I never explicitly told my parents that I liked girls. It is something that has always been taboo, but there was actually no need to discuss it openly: the people around me knew. My parents weren’t stupid.”

“In women’s football it is much easier to come out than in men’s football. Stereotypically, there’s the image of a footballer with a wife and kids. Some male footballers have come out, but they have been met with a lot of hate. They aren’t inclined to talk about it because they are treated differently,” she added.

Jenni, who signed for Mexican club Tigres UANL, having played for Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid in Spain, as well as for Paris Saint-Germain, went on to say that she is currently single. 

“I have been in love, but not right now. It’s one of the best things I’ve discovered: how to live with myself. My private life and my life as a football player have always been closely linked. If I had problems, my football was a disaster. It could be intense, especially if my heart was broken. Now, fortunately, I have found stability.”

Remember, she involuntarily became the centre of attention following the controversial kiss at the World Cup medal presentation, when former UEFA vice-president and former Spanish FA chief, Luis Rubiales, kissed her on the lips with no permission during the Women’s World Cup award ceremony.

Jenni filed a criminal complaint against Rubiales. Days later, Rubiales were forced to resign from his roles.

At the beginning of January, the Spanish footballer appeared before a judge at Madrid’s High Court to give a statement on the events. She restated the account she had previously to prosecutor, claiming the kiss was at no time consensual. The judicial process continues its course and soon we will know the sentence.

All the support to this great athlete!!!

Jenni Hermoso won World Cup last year 

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