Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Estonia becomes first Baltic nation to recognize same-sex marriage


Estonia has marked a historic milestone as it legalized same-sex marriage, aligning itself with its Scandinavian counterparts. 

From on January 1, same-sex couples can officially initiate their marriage applications online, marking a significant leap forward for the Baltic nation.

The implementation of the law allows for the submission of marriage applications from the New Year, with the initial certifications anticipated by February 2nd. 

This progressive move positions Estonia as the first former Soviet state to endorse same-sex marriage, a groundbreaking decision endorsed by the country's parliament back last year.

Same-sex marriage is legal in much of western Europe but not in Baltic countries which were once under communist rule. Latvia and Lithuania, the other two Baltic countries, have same-sex partnership bills stuck in their parliaments.

Congratulations Estonia!!!

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