Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reached 5.000 views!

Last November 19th I published my first post to announce that Ryce and I had been partnered. After almost two months, I've sent 85 posts and my blog has had 5.000 views. 

I have to admit that I'm pleasantly surprised because I didn't expect anyone could be interested in my posts. In the early I only thought posting photos about Ryce and me, but I also like to talk about people and places of Second Life and other people and real events too.

I have to thanks all of you, all my readers and followers, because your interest and comments make me continue and want to improve. But this wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement and support of my husband Ryce. Love you!



...5.000 THANKS !!!!

If you wish you can review my first post


  1. Ryce wants me to congratulate you Benja for a job well done!

  2. You know that without him nothing of all could be possible.... thanks babi!

  3. Congratulations dear friend!

    The next 5,000 will come even easier and after that the wheels will start spinning like crazy... I hope to be here when you pass 500,000 also!

  4. WOW ^^ very grateful, but I am just starting and learning big kiss! :x