Sunday, February 3, 2013

A decisive step towards same-sex marriage in France

The French National Assembly has approved the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in France. Finally, 249 deputies voted in favor and 97 voted against to marriage in France can legaly refers to people of the same sex as different does.

Socialists, Greens and the Left deputies have voted in favor of this legal reform, as expected, while the conservative UMP deputies and most centrists have done against.

With this vote, French parliament has begun the legal process to approve the bill, which still be debated for several days. In any case, this is a decisive step towards equal marriage in France.

Despite somee protests and important debate in French society, this legal reform is leaded by French president François Hollande, who promised to do in last presidential campaign. 

One of the demonstrations in favour of equal marriage in France

François Hollande, the President of France



  1. The U.K. will also be voting on this shortly and it is expected to pass there.