Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Awesome Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life (2)

Earlier this month I posted about the wonderful Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life, owned by Moeka Kohime, and you all could see the awesome panoramic and outdoor views from that site.

As I promised, today I post some close up shots and interior of buildings' photos, to show you the incredible and perfectionist work to reconstruct this famous French little island-village in the virtual world.

Highly recommended, please visit this place when you can and enjoy, it's worth it!

If you wish, you can see my previous post here. And Eddi Haskell also has more photographs in his blog

Use this SLURL to visit the Mont Saint-Michel in Second Life.

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  1. your photography is getting better and better and soon your Klout score will be at 50, the elite level. Congrats! Now I know why Ryce is so proud of you!