Friday, June 16, 2023

Spanish soccer legend Joaquin supports former teammates in response to homophobic slurs

The legend of Spanish soccer league and former player of Real Betis and Valencia, Joaquin Sanchez, came up with a unique way of supporting former teammates Borja Iglesias and Aitor Ruibal.

The pair were abused online with homophobic slurs for the bags that they had with them while attending a wedding of staff member at Betis.

After this, Ruibal released a series of tweets: “After the frustrated attempts by a noisy minority to ridicule my colleague Borja Iglesias and me, in reference to our clothing as well as its supposed link to our sexual orientation, I just want to underline:

  • The importance of maintaining respect for any person, regardless of their sexual orientation or of any kind.
  • The need, once and for all, to normalise and live together, rejecting and moving away from any type of phobia, to make it possible to live normally in our society.
  • Condemn homophobia, which evidently continues to exist to a greater or lesser extent, and fight for its eradication.
  • Those who at this point continue to show behaviours of this type urgently need help. The problem is with them because of their intolerance and their complexes.”

Iglesias then took to social media himself, congratulating Ruibal for his commentary.

Several days later, Joaquin went one step further to supporting them, wearing not only a large handbag, but a dress too. He captioned the photo, posted on his Instagram: "I’m waiting for you in Ibiza. You’re starting a trend."

Bravo Joaquin!!!

The wedding's photo

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