Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Almost 10% adults identifies as LGBTQ says a global survey

Nearly 1 in 10 adults across 30 countries identify as LGBTQ, according to a new global survey. Globally, LGBTQ visibility has increased since 2021, when the last global survey was conducted.

Ipsos, a market-research company, surveyed 22,514 participants in 30 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia in February and March 2023, and found that 3% identified as lesbian or gay, 4% as bisexual, 0.9% as pansexual or omnisexual, and 0.9% as asexual. 

Survey respondents in Generation Z (born after 1997) were two times as likely as millennials (born in 1981 to 1996) to identify as bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual or asexual, and four times as likely as those in Generation X (1965 to 1980) or baby boomers (1948 to 1964).

When survey results were broken down by geography, respondents in Spain were the most likely (6%) to identify as gay or lesbian, while those in Brazil and the Netherlands were the most likely to identify as bisexual (both 7%). By contrast, respondents in Japan were the least likely to identify as gay or lesbian (less than 1%) or as bisexual (1%).

More than half of all respondents (56%) said gay marriage should be legal. In the countries surveyed where same-sex marriage is already legal, support for it ranged to 80%.

And more than three quarters (76%) of those surveyed said transgender people should be protected from discrimination in employment, housing and businesses such as restaurants and stores.

Check the survey's results here.

Brazil and Spain have the highest percentage of self-identified LGBTQ people

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