Wednesday, June 14, 2023

4 million people pack the streets for ‘world’s largest Pride’ in São Paulo

4 million people participated in São Paulo’s annual Pride parade that took place in the Brazilian city. The  Parade is one of the largest Pride Parades in the world.

Every year, São Paulo Gay Pride comprises an incredible pride parade which travels down the Avenida Paulista. On top of the Pride Parade, there are a range of LGBTQ-related activities and events which take place during São Paulo Gay Pride. 

In fact, while the official schedule runs for five days, things start happening in the city three weeks before the final weekend. Expect everything from concerts, dance performances, fairs, street markets and queer-related debates and plays. 

Same-sex marriage is legal in Brazil since 2013, but the country does not provide LGBTQ discrimination protections, and attitudes towards LGBTQ people are still negative in many areas. 

Leftist Brazil's president Lula Da Silva defeated the far-right Bolsonaro in the second round of Brazil’s presidential election that took place in October 2022. One of his first decisions has been to re-establish the National Council of LGBTQ rights, a body of advisors charged with proposing policies and supporting campaigns aimed towards support for the LGBTQ community in Brazil.

Happy Pride!!!

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