Monday, October 9, 2023

Eismayer, a true gay story in the Austrian army

Eismayer, directed by David Wagner and based on true events, is a penetrating character study of an army man who has long hidden his homosexuality from his colleagues and family.

Charles Eismayer (Gerhard Liebmann) is a Sergeant Major who oversees the Fourth Guard company of the Austrian Armed Forces. 

Eismayer has a reputation for being ultra-demanding of his recruits, and he dehumanizes them as he readies them for service. 

But seeing him interact with his wife, Christina (Julia Koschitz), he is no less rigid, and disappoints her when she wants to book a vacation. 

He only seems to be kind to his young son, Dominik (Lion Tatzber), whom he indulges.

His desires are awakened when he trains Mario Falak (Luka Dimic), a handsome recruit who does not fear this legendary drillmaster.

Eismayerpremiered at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, is an inspiring film that illustrates the power of the love these two men come to share.

Watch the trailer before:

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