Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The fight for marriage equality continues in India despite Suprem Court ruling


The Indian Supreme Court unanimously rejected to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriage and left it to Parliament to change the law for such a union. The refusal came as a disappointment to LGBTQ activists. 

However, the Suprem Court hasn’t come up with anything substantial, beyond recognising that people of any gender have the right to live together as consenting adults, which was already there in the 2018 Navtej verdict.  

Now, the Indian government has been asked to form a committee to examine some of the rights that could be accorded to queer couples such as medical decision-making of a partner, inheritance, adoption, etc.

Despite all the shortcomings, the verdict is a glimmer of hope in the struggle for equal rights as it stipulates concrete measures to be implemented by various authorities to safeguard the rights of sexual minorities. 

Though the battle has been lost the fight towards equality would continue in India.

The fight for equal rights continues in India

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