Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Homophobia has no place in football, not in Australia, not anywhere


Port Adelaide forward Jeremy Finlayson has been suspended for three matches for making a homophobic slur towards an Essendon player. 

The player accepted a three-match ban for a homophobic slur the Australian Football League (AFL) decreed was “hurtful and totally unacceptable”. The League took his contrition into account when determining the penalty.

“I unreservedly apologize again to the Essendon player, my teammates, Port Adelaide members and supporters and the LGBTQIA+ community for the distress I have caused,” Finlayson said in a statement. 

In addition to the three-game ban, Finlayson will also complete a Pride in Sport education course, at his own cost.

AFL general counsel Stephen Meade reiterated the AFL's stance that there was no place for homophobia in football. "Everyone, including Jeremy, understands the word he used is both hurtful and totally unacceptable in any setting, ever," he said.

"The AFL is very clear that homophobia has no place in our game, nor in society. We want all people in LGBTQI+ communities to feel safe playing or attending our games and we know the incident that happened on the weekend does not assist this goal. As a code we will continue to work together to improve our game as a safe and inclusive environment for all," Meade added.

Football is for everyone!!!

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