Saturday, April 13, 2024

Two new LGBTI teams in the Spanish Soccer


Soccer is one of the most closed sports: few active male professional footballers have declared themselves openly homosexual. Furthermore, in lower categories it can be difficult to practice this sport if you are gay. 

Aware of this, two LGTBI football teams were born in SpainOrgullo Hispalense in Seville and Rinos Fútbol Club in Granada. The desire to enjoy football in a safe environment free of homophobia was one of the motivations of these teams for their foundation.

"Most of us end up leaving football due to issues of rejection, homophobia, discomfort in the locker room and some annoying comments," explains Jose, a player on the Sevillian team.

"The intention is to have this safe space where all people integrate without problem and can live together and enjoy this sport without any type of rejection from anything or anyone," says José María River, founder, president and player from Rinos Fútbol Club.

Now, one of their main objectives is to participate in different competitions in Spain, seeking to federate, and begining to play more continuously. In June, they will play in the Pride Games in Madrid and would also like playing in some edition of Euro Games.

There are no openly gay footballers in any of the major male leagues in the world, except Josh Cavallo in Australia, an anomaly considering the increasing number of professional athletes that come out of the closet in recent years, we all may be wondering why they take so long in soccer.

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