Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Norwegian Dream, a gay romance facing double oppression


Norwegian Dream is a coming of age drama that centres on the 19-year-old Polish immigrant Robert (Hubert Miłkowski). He’s working at a fish factory in Norway and struggling with his feelings for a fellow colleague Ivar (Karl Bekele Steinland) who is an aspiring drag queen. 

Robert has come to earn money to pay off his mother’s debts.When a strike breaks out in the factory, Robert's relationship with Ivar and his loyalty to his fellow workers will be tested. He has to face a double oppression, as immigrant and gay.

Director Leiv Igor Devold makes an unexpected link-up between Norway, the country where he grew up, and Poland, where he attended film school, in his idealistic second feature. Devold does find a way of dovetailing the two strands, when Robert’s flaky mother (Edyta Torhan) turns up and forces him to break a strike that even Ivar is supporting. 

Watch the trailer below:

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