Saturday, January 26, 2013

Matthew Mitcham: Australian Gay Olympic Gold Medallist

Matthew Mitcham, born in 1988 in Brisbane (Australia), is the 2008 Olympic champion in the 10 meter platform. He is the first Australian male to win an Olympic gold medal in diving since Dick Eve at the 1924 Summer Olympics.

He usually lives and trains in Sidney,  and he openly came out as gay in 2008 to the Sydney Morning Herald's article. After 2008 Olympics, he became one of the most beloved and influential gays in Australia.

Besides great diver, he has also been model for Funky Trunks, appearing on advertising world campaign in 2010.

In 2012, Matt confessed in his autobiography that he had been addicted to methamphetamine in 2011 and how he recovered with the help of Narcotics Anonymous. That is surely the most important victory of his career.

After that troublesome episode, in December 2011 he returned to racing and won Australian 10 meter platform, and he has continued his career.

Certainly, he is an example of effort, struggle and overcoming. He has won in and out of the pool.

Hurrah for this nice guy!

Career Highlights:  
  • 1 gold medal at 2008 Summer Olympic Games, in Beijing (China)
  • 4 silver medals at 2010 Commonwealth Games, in Delhi (India)
  • 4th at 2009 World Aquatics Championships, in Rome (Italy)
Recent performances in 10 m platform:
  • 7th at 2012 Fort Lauderdale Grand Prix, in Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  • 13th at 2012 FINA World Cup, in London (UK)
  • 1st at 2012 Australian Open Championships, in Adelaide (Australia)
  • 7th at 2011 FINA USA Grand Prix, in Fort Lauderdale (USA)
  • 1st at 2011 FINA Montreal Grand Prix, in Montreal (Canada) 

After winning Olympic gold medal

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